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The Law Firm of De Camps, Vásquez & Valera emerges with the aim to satisfy the growing demand for specialized and complex legal services, from both local and international clients, from all industries and economic sectors. In our current business environment, clients need legal assistance and advice from experienced accessible lawyers, focused on protecting their interests and offering strategic and innovative solutions to their legal issues. Therefore, we have gathered talented and well-trained legal professionals who, through continuing legal education, extensive work experience, locally and internationally, and a strong common commitment to excellence, make a team of capable, diversified and highly knowledgeable lawyers, making De Camps, Vásquez & Valera a leading law firm and mandatory reference in the Dominican Republic. The Law Firm was founded in 2005.

With highly specialized practice areas, De Camps, Vásquez & Valera offers its clients a wide array of legal services with emphasis on personalized attention, adding value, offering creative and innovative solutions, mitigate legal exposure and ensuring the effective and timely implementation of the legal solutions proposed. Also, the use of technology allows us to maintain effective control and supervision over each matter and enables us to provide our clients services with the highest quality and efficiency, regardless of size or complexity.

De Camps, Vásquez & Valera also understands that clients value their lawyers’ adherence to ethical rules and confidentiality in handling their personal matters and businesses. That is why we have taken great care to emphasize a culture of strict adherence and respect to ethical rules and to protect the information we handle as part of our work. We value the trust our clients place upon us when working with our team and are proud to protect our clients’ interests, information and business and we always strive to have a good working relationship with them, always in hopes of building long-term relationships.

De Camps, Vásquez & Valera maintains working relationships with prestigious law firms worldwide, allowing us to provide comprehensive legal advice in complex international matters, regardless of the various applicable treaties or involved jurisdictions.


Meeting the need for legal services by understanding our clients’ needs, and working tirelessly to offer strategic and value-added advice, to generate effective and efficient solutions to their various legal issues, and to assure timely and the adequate implementation or completion of their matters and transactions, highlighting the reliability of our work through an excellent professional team that ensures the effectiveness and quality of our services.


Expanding and customizing our client base thereby maintaining our place as one of the leading Firms in the Dominican Republic, with a clear sense of ethics and long-term commitment to our clients.


  • Honesty
  • Confidentiality
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Commitment


  • American Chamber of Commerce
  • Dominican French Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
  • Production and Commercial Chamber of Santo Domingo 
  • British Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic 
  • Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism in the Dominican Republic 
  • Association of Dominican Exporters (ADOEXPO)  

Practice Areas

Administrative Law

De Camps, Vásquez & Valera offers assistance in matters relating to administrative law and governmental procurement regulations. We can help in bidding processes on governmental related contracts, registration of businesses as governmental contractors, provide legal advice for the proper execution and management of governmental contracts and provide legal advice and representation in cases of administrative litigation against the central Government or the Municipal governments.

Arbitration-Dispute Resolution and Litigation

When business relationships become strained or difficult, when disagreements arise during the execution of commercial contracts, or in scenarios where damages are inflicted against our clients, their patrimony or our clients’ responsibility is compromised, directly or indirectly, De Camps, Vásquez & Valera is prepared to assist clients in solving such matters and advising on the best course of action. We understand that all means of alternative dispute resolution must be properly exhausted, starting with a good-faith negotiation process, continuing with a conciliation procedure if possible, and an arbitration procedure, should the disagreement continue. However, the Firm is aware that certain problems must be solved through litigation, which is where all the information supporting the case obtained in the previous stages strengthens the position of the clients. In all such cases, we are prepared to assist and represent clients to the best of our abilities.

Business Law

De Camps, Vásquez & Valera has in-depth experience in a wide array of business transactions. In the ever changing complex world of business, our Firm offers specific and specialized contractual structures, innovative approaches to business transactions, and strategic advice to best protect our clients’ interests in such transactions and to assure proper and timely completion thereof. We work on structuring business ventures, from the internal workings of the corporate structure, in terms of bylaws and Shareholders agreements, to its contractual relations with third parties, such as, customers, service providers, lenders, creditors, purchasers or sellers. In all such operations, we work closely with our clients to understand their business and their interests, to devise the appropriate strategies and to execute agreements and transactions that best protect and benefit them.

Constitutional Law

Since the 2010 constitutional amendment, which included the creation of a Constitutional Court, Constitutional Law has become one of the most important areas of practice in the Dominican Republic. De Camps, Vásquez & Valera is highly prepared to advise its clients in all matters on which Constitutional Law and the decisions of the Constitutional Court have an impact on ordinary legal issues and to provide legal representation on the various constitutional procedures before the ordinary courts and the Constitutional Court in order to help our clients in the allocation and protection of their constitutional rights from individuals or Government actions.


The construction industry is very active in the country and clients in the sector need lawyers with expertise navigating the various rules and regulations applicable to such activities and experience with the contractual relations normally formed in construction projects. De Camps, Vásquez & Valera works with clients in matters relating to large and small construction projects, including land searches and purchases, creating a financial structure that assures success, and the body of contracts needed to execute such projects till their ultimate and successful completion.

Corporate Law

De Camps, Vásquez & Valera assists clients on how to best structure their business ventures and advices on all changes and updates companies require, from time to time, to reflect the changing needs of all businesses. Our General Corporations Law No. 479-08 allows businesses to operate through various legal forms, and our Firm advises its clients in choosing the appropriate corporate structures, organizing its assets, and completing incorporation procedures, as well as in keeping companies up to date and in good standing. Our Firm offers services of corporate housekeeping to assure corporate matters are properly managed and that all corresponding legal paperwork is taken care of.


The energy sector in the Dominican Republic has experienced great changes as a result of regulations and the development of new clean sources of energy. We assist clients, in both the traditional energy industry as well as in the renewable energy sector. We have specialized legal professionals that can assist all participants in the area in all matters relating to permits and authorizations, special incentives regulations, project development agreements and financial transactions.

Environmental Law

It has become increasingly important for local businesses to know and comply with local environmental laws, whether they be new businesses starting operations in the country, or ongoing endeavors. De Camps, Vásquez & Valera has a team dedicated to helping clients navigate the regulations on the matter and ensure compliance with the law.

Family Law

Civil Law practice, which is the basis of our social order dealing with personal and family relations, is kept as one of the pillars of De Camps, Vásquez & Valera’s law practice. We offer services in dealing with family matters, such as marriages, civil union, divorces, adoptions, estate planning, trusts, wills, as well as changes in citizenship and immigration issues. We also handle all type of civil contracts. All situations that arise from interpersonal relationships, associated with family law or civil contracts, are managed and researched for each particular case so that the best and more adequate solutions can be proposed and executed.

Finance and Banking Law

With the enactment of financial and monetary laws and regulations, as well as new money laundering laws, this sector has become very specialized and complex, reaching levels of sophistication where only specialized and knowledgeable legal assistance can be useful. It is precisely in the understanding of this scenario, that De Camps, Vásquez & Valera offers its legal services in the financial and banking legal practice area. We assist banks, lenders, and other financial entities to draft the appropriate finance agreements, covering all financial terms and security packages. We work with single lenders as well as bank syndicates and international banking institutions. We also help our clients in the sector in terms of compliance with the laws and regulations that apply to their operations in the country.

Foreign Investment

Foreign investment in the Dominican Republic can take many forms and be directed towards different sectors within the national economy. De Camps, Vásquez & Valera offers its legal services and economic consulting services to the parties interested in investing in the country, finding the best investment vehicle as well as the best structure to secure such investment and assure proper compliance with local laws and the benefit of applicable international treaties. Additionally, the firm counsels its clients in identifying the best sectors and sub sectors for investing.

Intellectual Property Law

In a world of increasing global interconnection, digitalization and social media, Intellectual Property has become one of the most valuable assets of modern businesses. Aware of this trend, De Camps, Vásquez & Valera has a practice offering comprehensive services in intellectual property protection. We offer advise and assist in all processes regarding registration, protection, and licensing of IP as well as litigation involving IP rights infringement.

International Trade

International transactions, regardless of the area or industry in which they occur, require a high level of spe­cialization. The legal analysis should not only take into consideration the interests of the parties, but also the different laws of the countries involved as well as the way those laws can be applied or interpreted in other jurisdictions. From economic multilateral agreements like GATT/WTO, DR-CAFTA, through bilateral treaties such as tax information and double taxation treaties, all must be considered to assure the best legal assistance possible. It is precisely this level and scope of in-depth knowledge and experience on which De Camps, Vásquez & Valera bases its international trade practice.

Labor Law

Labor and employment in the Dominican Republic are governed by laws and regulations that De Camps, Vásquez & Valera are fully knowledgeable on, as well as on the court decisions which affect local practice and the application of such regulations. We have extensive experience and are prepared to advise clients on the labor regulations that affect their businesses, from counseling on labor agreements, devising and executing compensation packages, union agreements, compliance of regulations, to representing them, should the need arise, in judicial proceedings as part of any type of labor dispute.

Real Estate Law

As one of the most scarce and valuable goods, Real Estate has always required considerable legal protection and care. De Camps, Vásquez & Valera offers a wide range of legal services as part of its real estate law practice assisting clients with all aspects concerning land property transfers and development in the country, while protecting their interests and complying with the appropriate laws. We advise clients on land transfers and acquisitions, title searches, financial transactions involving securities and mortgages, land development, condominium creations and operation, commercial and residential leases, and all other matters involving land properties.


Appropriate counseling regarding the fiscal implications of all operations and transactions should be sought when making business decisions and strategizing on growth or restructuring. De Camps, Vásquez & Valera has the experience to advice its clients regarding tax law matters to minimize the fiscal costs related to all such transactions and operations while assuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations on the matter. We sit down with clients and look at all possible scenarios regarding any potential transactions or business operations, expansion or restructuring, to inform and advise on choosing the most cost-effective alternative available under Dominican legislation and following the corresponding process to its proper completion.

Telecommunications Law

After the approval of the General Telecommunications Law No. 153-98, and its regulations, the Dominican Republic acquired a legal framework designed to protect national and foreign investments in the telecommunications sector. In this area, De Camps, Vásquez & Valera offers legal assistance to companies that offer public telecommunications services, as well as television and radio companies, on all issues before the telecommunications regulating body, Instituto Dominicano de las Telecomunicaciones (INDOTEL). The Firm represents service providers before the INDOTEL regarding claims from users, on interconnection issues and all other regulatory matters.


The Dominican government understands the importance of the tourism sector for its economic development and wellbeing and has therefore created a special legal framework to regulate it and grant incentives to investments in the area. De Camps, Vásquez & Valera assists clients that wish to invest in tourism through new projects or in pre-existing ones in all touristic zones within Dominican territory, on the applicable regulations of the sector, on structuring tourism projects, ensuring proper land documentation and ownership, drafting and executing construction agreements as well as financial transactions and security packages.

Trusts and Wealth Preservation

De Camps, Vásquez & Valera has assisted clients in the legal processes related to organization, administration and disposition of estate, in the framework of the main legal provisions of the Dominican Republic, including, but not limited to, those regarding intestate succession, gifts and other mechanisms for the transfer of rights or assets. Likewise, the Firm has extensively worked in the estate planning of its clients, which is done using different judicial mechanisms, such as Trusts. Wealth preservation Trusts involves managing your assets in such a way to ensure that the value of your assets does not decrease or erode.

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